• 25th April 2024

What is an Insurance Broker?


Insurance brokers play a similar, yet separate role from that of an insurance agent. Brokers are typically experienced in many types of insurance and risk management protocol, allowing them to serve a variety of individuals. Brokers directly represent their clients and aren’t appointed by insurers, nor do they actually bind coverage. Policies are only initiated after a binder is signed by the insurer’s underwriters.

What Do Insurance Brokers Do?

The primary focus of insurance brokers is to gather insurance quotes for policies from insurers by completing and filling out applications on behalf of their clients.

The type of coverage they request will be determined through a consultation of some form with the broker in which your specific insurance needs are determined.

They help clients explore all of their options and potential risks of each policy before helping secure the policies for families, individuals, property owners and business owners.

The Benefits of Utilizing Insurance Brokers

Some of these licensed individuals may specialize in certain areas such as life insurance, home insurance, or serve as a business insurance broker.

They will have vast knowledge concerning the specific coverage, exclusions and loopholes that exist within their fields of expertise. Brokers also have a solid understand of the potential risks individuals may face during the course of their life or business ventures.

Their job is to help each applicant understand how to better manage those risks with insurance by ensuring clients are prepared with the right protections and insurance coverage in place.

Because most brokers don’t work on client commissions directly, they aspire to help customers get as much coverage as possible within their specified budgets.

Take Time to Talk to a Personal or Business Insurance Broker

Even if your insurance needs are for your family or a small business, there’s no need to skip the step of talking to a home or business insurance broker. Rather than saving money, you might ultimately end up with too much or too little insurance at a price beyond your fiscal means.

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