• 16th June 2024

What Makes Armored Vehicles Different from Typical Ones?

Armored vehicles are designed to keep you protected against assaults on the road. That is why you should not rush your decision when buying one. Buying an armored vehicle requires research and knowledge. When picking one, you must concentrate on different factors. Although some armored cars are meant to stand out like military vehicles or policed cruisers, a lot are designed to blend in and remain as inconspicuous as possible. That is why people may not be able to tell the difference between an armored car and a regular car. But, armored vehicles are different in the sense that they are built with the following:

Ballistic Glass

All armored vehicle glass is slightly different from a typical car off the lot. Their windows are made up of a combination of leaded glass and a polycarbonate substrate. This way, the windows, rear window, and windshield can absorb energy from assaults without breaking. Usually, the glass is 1-3 inches thick and should be completely reinstalled.

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

Troy Armoring armored SUVs are made with ballistic-grade steel to make its body vastly different from that of a typical vehicle. Its entire frame is covered in tempered steel and applied to the frame like a jigsaw without gaps remaining. The remodelled vehicle will maintain its shape while gaining a higher security level.

Stronger Bumpers and Tyres

Armored vehicle bumpers run through just about anything. When a dangerous situation takes place, armored vehicles are meant to get all occupants to safety. That is why it’s made with bumpers that can withstand a repeated impact and tyres that can keep their function even despite possible punctures.

Rebuilt Mechanics

Because of the extra weight of glass and steel, armored vehicles will usually have altered brakes, engine components, and suspension to haul the armor. Also, such changes mean a newly armored vehicle that feels different to drive after being fully outfitted.

More advancement in armored vehicle technologies will soon let these vehicles become more transparent and less heavy-duty while getting improvements on their security levels. These days, ballistic glass has become lighter and more powerful. The introduction of self-inflating tyres and improved car design will make it even more difficult to tell a regular vehicle from an armored one in the future. Thus,  if you find yourself on the road wondering whether your car is next to a regular or armored vehicle, check for these signs mentioned above if possible.

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