• 25th June 2024

Why your Virtual Phone System Needs Call Recording?

Voice over internet protocol, popularly known as VoIP is a virtual phone system that has become quite popular in recent years. Several businesses have switched from traditional phone systems that used copper wire phone lines to this virtual phone system where calls are made over the internet.

The reasons for the switch are varied from cost-effectiveness, convenience to outstandingly innovative features. One such innovative feature is VoIP call recording.

What is a VoIP Call Recorder?

If you haven’t heard of what is a VoIP Call Recorder, here is all you would like to know about it. 

VoIP call recorder is an exceptional feature of the virtual phone system that lets the user record both inbound as well as outbound calls making their way to and from the devices using VoIP. The calls can be easily recorded on all the devices that are using the VoIP system and then stored securely as long as the user wants to keep them.

Importance of Call recording feature in a Virtual Phone System

How many times have you felt completely lost after ending a call with a customer since you forgot to take notes?

Or you just resist taking notes during a call itself?

Whatever is the reason, if you do not want to miss out on the important information of your customers – both personal and professional, a VoIP call recorder is all you want!

Recording a business call can have more benefits than you can think. We all know that it is difficult to retain spoken information than one that is written or recorded in any form. A VoIP call recorder makes a phone call immortal by recording it and it can be easily retrieved whenever the customer wants it. 

Here is why your business VoIP should have a call recording feature.

  • Helps to improve the quality of calls

The Hubspot survey reveals that a staggering 69% of businesses record their calls and that is precisely to check on the quality of services that are offered by their customer service agents. The number one reason why businesses record their own calls is that they want to improve the quality of their calls. The supervisors use the same recorded calls at the time of training their employees.

  • Helps to track customer data

Any business owner will tell you that having access to authentic customer data is critical to having successful relations with them. It also helps to offer them exactly what they are looking for.

Recorded calls are the best source for customer data that is reliable, accurate, and easy to understand. Once the calls are recorded, you can use them at your convenience to make a different analysis.

  • Helps to get reliable customer feedback

There can be no better way of getting customer feedback than having the customer speak directly about an issue himself. Imagine having the most authentic customer feedback without having to spend a penny on customer surveys, feedback forms, or other competitions for the purpose. 

The same feedback calls can be recorded for making a deeper analysis of customer’s behaviour at a convenient hour.

Customer queries or disputes, if any can also be resolved in an efficient and productive manner using recorded calls.

  • Helps to improve products and services

When you have access to customer feedback that is reliable and accurate, you are in a great position to use the same feedback to improve the quality of products and services you are offering them. Using the recorded calls you can learn more about the concerns of your customers or the complaints (if any) they have regarding the products and the services. 

Recorded calls give you a bright chance to eliminate all the concerns of your customers without spending a lot about learning them.

So irrespective of the size of the business, call recording in a virtual phone system helps the business to better the quality of their products and services, improve customer relations and subsequently, grow their profits.

However, it is important to remember that you must record the calls only legally, maintaining all the regulatory compliances or you or your business can get into hot waters.

How to record your calls in VoIP phone system?

If you do a quick Google search on ‘How to record your calls in VoIP phone system?’ you will know that there are four different methods of recording conversations you make with your customer. These are:

  1. Port mirroring
  2. Hosted recording
  3. Local recording clients
  4. Dubber

Since each one of them uses a different method for recording, they have their own pros and cons as well. Learn more about them in detail before you choose them for your business.

How to setup VoIP call recorder with CallHippo

Now that you are pretty convinced about the benefits of call recording in a Virtual Phone System, there is good news!

CallHippo makes the process of call recording much easier for its customers with its simple 3 step process to setup VoIP call recorder.

Here’s how to setup VoIP call recorder with CallHippo:

Step 1: Save the number of the person you are looking to call.

Step 2: Tap that same number you wish to call and then go to settings.

Step 3: Turn on the tab of ‘call recording’ and you are good to go!

Can it get any easier than that?

Once you are done with your call, you can choose to listen to the recording right after that.

With the call recording system of CallHippo, you cannot just record your call but can also review that recorded call after you end your call.

To do so, go to the ‘Activity Feed’ tab. You will find all your call recordings here. Click on the recording you wish to hear and you are ready to listen to the recorded call.

So what are you waiting for?

Choose CallHippo today and enjoy the call recording feature in its virtual phone system

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