• 25th June 2024

5 Things to Consider Before You Switch Jobs


You have a job right now, but things are not looking good. You don’t feel motivated. You dislike your colleagues. You feel underappreciated. You start looking for a new job, just casually, to see your options. And then, that one job posting looks perfect on paper and you decide to take the plunge and send your resume.

Are you really ready to switch jobs? Here are five things to consider before you say yes to that interview: 

The Friends You’ve Made

You’ll essentially be starting over in a new company, which means you don’t know anyone in the area. Your lunch buddies from your past company will not be there to comfort you when you feel stressed. That work BFF you trade reviews about your latest Korean sunscreen or skincare product with? Also gone. It’s good if you can keep in touch with them and you can still send each other gifts from office to office, but things will still be different while you’re adjusting to your new job.

The Salary Difference

If it’s a job within the same industry you’re currently in, you might get a raise if you’re moving up the ladder. Earning more is always better considering how expensive everything is. Don’t look at it from the salary perspective solely, however. Companies don’t just happily give out higher pays. There is a chance that the expectations in this job are overwhelming, so ask yourself if you’re ready for the responsibility before you consider the application. If you’re not, you’ll feel overwhelmed with the job in no time and you’ll want to move again.

The Location

You could be getting a salary increase for the same position, which means the level of stress in the workplace can be the same, but what about the commute? Consider the address of the new company and see how long it will take you to go there. Do a test run during rush hours for the full, realistic experience. If the job allows you to work remotely, know how much data you’ll consume if your Wi-fi has a monthly limit. Otherwise, you’re getting the comforts of home but having to pay for a more expensive internet plan, and it might not be worth it.

The Healthcare

During these trying times, one of the biggest concerns for everyone is their health. You don’t want to be in the middle of a pandemic with no healthcare to cover your medical expenses in case you get a serious disease. The sad fact is that many have their healthcare tied to their company, which means if you leave your job, you’ll have to lose that healthcare until you get a new one in your new company. This could take six months or longer. That’s if you can be regularized at all. Given the current situation, it’s hard to predict what companies will do to protect their business from losses.

The Office Hours

Let’s say everything is back to normal and you can go to work on a regular basis, following regular work hours. This means the rest of your family will also be back to their regular schedule. Moreover, this means after-work or after-school activities. Sometimes, those after-school activities require the presence of you, the parent. Does your company allow you to have flexible work hours if your personal life demands it?

There are plenty of things to consider before switching jobs. Don’t just think of the money. Think of the work-life balance, and the environment you’ll be joining.



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