• 25th June 2024

Adorable Accounts Dedicated to Animals You Should Follow on Instagram

The social platform Instagram managed to rise its popularity worldwide and at the moment there are  more than 2 billion people that have already joined the platform. However the social platforms are not places only for humans anymore. There are thousands of animals’ accounts with millions of followers as well. Moreover there are some animals’ accounts that  have even more followers than some famous celebrities.Well, we should mention that some people are buying followers by using suppliers.Most of these accounts belong to peoples’ pets , although there are people that are running wild animals’ Instagram pages as well. In fact some of these animals’ accounts are even earning money owing to Instagram , by taking part in TV adverts , promotional publications on Instagram and even taking part in different full-length movies. In this article we are going to review some animals’ accounts you should definitely follow. Visit Fameoninsta website to get more information.

  • @this_girl_is_a_squirrel. This account is dedicated to a squirrel that first gained her popularity from a video shared on Facebook by the owner of the squirrel. This video has more than 80 million views , millions of likes and shares as well. The squirrel’s name is Jill and she is 7 years old. On Instagram Jill has almost 800 000 followers and the owner of the account is uploading very cute images and videos of Jill. 
  • @juniperfoxx. The happiest fox – named Juniper is not only a really cute and fun little fox but also a very smart precious animal. She also has a brother called Fig. The owners of these pets are uploading sweet videos where Fig and Jener are playing with each other, both having so much fun.If you are an “animal stalker” on Instagram,you should not miss out following Juniper’s account.This profile is currently followed by almost 3 million people.Well, many celebrities are not even close to following number like Juniper’s one. These pets even have a website ,from where you can buy branded merchandise related to Juniper and her brother Fig.In fact Jessica Coker the owner of the foxes has written a book  that tells the readers how her family is living with the pets.The book is called “ Juniper-The Happiest Fox “
  • @pumpkintheraccoon. It may sound funny to some people but Pumpkin the raccoon is an account dedicated to a raccoon that was even verified by Instagram.It is not a surprise that Pumpkin is followed by 1.4 million people because the raccoon is not just an ordinary pet. Pumpkin watches television with his family members , sits on the table with them and has fun with his friends.
  • @jiffpom. One of the biggest stars on Instagram Jiffpom is a charming little pomeran that has almost 10 million followers on Instagram. This pet is so cute and plushy-looking that you can review his pictures and videos literally for hours without getting bored. Another proof of his cuteness and  influence over people is that even many celebrities interact with Jiff publications. For example Ariana Grande is following Jiff on Instagram. This pet is just adorable , go check his Instagram page and you will fall in love for sure. 

If you love funny and cute pictures and videos of pets and wild animals you should definitely enter the world of Instagram animals. There are plenty of different accounts absolutely dedicated to animals that provide unique and amazing content. You can come across adorable videos and pictures of pets presenting their daily routine , how they spend time with their families and even present some training skills they have learnt from their owners. 

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