• 17th June 2024

Types of Gym Accessories for Ladies

Because a woman’s physique is very different to a man’s, many fear carrying extremely heavy loads at the gym. 

Here are 5 user-friendly gym accessories to set yourself up for a great workout at the nearest ladies gym:


  • Roman Chair 


This workout frame is very popular among many gyms. It expects you to stand in the frame using both its arms fixed on the sides to help sustain your body weight while your legs are raised to your abdomen at the same time. Mainly targeting your abdominal muscles, hip flexors and obliques, the roman chair is a great addition to identify the weak areas straining your body and develop to strengthen them as you progress.


  • Elliptical Trainer


Another high calorie burning alternative that helps with toning and tightening your buttock muscles is the elliptical trainer. This is usually done by pedalling with your head kept erect and facing forward.You can increase the speed which can put more strain onto your muscles hitting the calf areas, hamstrings  and strengthening its core.


  • Balance Ball


As a lightweight yet dynamic workout tool, the balance or stability ball can do wonders to women suffering lower back pain and those with poor posture. While you slouch slightly with your upper body balanced on a stable pelvic base, you can begin by bouncing lightly which can allow the body to automatically find strength to achieve a balanced posture with time.


  • Resistance Tubes


Working with resistance tubes (usually made with latex) requires you to keep the chest lifted and head up. This way when you pull the tube up, the handles are just above your shoulders with palms facing forward. As you stress and go forward bending your knees toward the ground you’re working your entire body in addition to easily adjusting the amount of resistance during exercise.


  • Dumbbell


Whatever that you choose to incorporate into your strength training routine, make sure to include dumbbells. They are the most accessible free weights around the gym and easy to tackle for a beginner as long as you’re willing to sharpen your grip and hand position without being too tight. Dumbbells are known to improve the muscles of the shoulders and chest then moving to your entire body and mind; therefore helping you to a slender and sculpted physique.


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