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Best Places To Visit In Key West

One of the most attractive places if you come to Miami in search of an interesting adventure you can find it in Key West.

This small island in Florida has mangroves, interesting wildlife, and nightlife that invites you to celebrate, the perfect combination to make your trip to Miami perfect.

What to see in Key West:

Get ready to enjoy the best tourist spots that Key West in Florida has for you being these the most outstanding that you can not leave out of your itinerary.

Southernmost point:

In Key West is the southernmost point of the United States known as Southernmost Point located in the Upper Duval neighborhood of Key West, specifically at the corner of South Street and Whitehead Street. You can easily reserve southernmost house key west for the better enjoyment

Around this area are Ernest Hemingway’s house and the Key West lighthouse. In Southernmost Point you will be delighted while you walk along its beaches

You can also enjoy the presence of its tropical vegetation, as well as picnic areas where you can relax and appreciate the beautiful landscape.

But the main attraction that gives notoriety to this site is a monument placed in 1983 and consisting of a giant buoy that indicates that there is the southernmost point of the United States.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to having this title Southernmost Point is 90 miles from Cuba which can be observed from there.

All this information is recorded in the monument so you will not have to inquire much to know.

Key West Duval Street:

This street constitutes the main commercial area of Key West whose extension crosses the island from north to south.

If you are looking for a good place to buy, eat or impregnate your spirit with the best of the Key West nightlife, go for a tour of Duval Street.

There you will find the best known and iconic Key West sites ideal for eating and drinking the best this town has to offer.

There are also Irish Kevin’s Bar, Rick’s Café and Hard Rock Café. As you make the journey to the bottom of Duval Street you will find the Old Town.

And late at night, you will be able to immerse yourself in the fun offered by its places full of color and music with which you will not want to stop until the sun rises.

Ernest Hemingway House Museum:

Regardless of whether you love literature or not, a visit to the Hemingway House is a must-stop in Key West.

Located on Whitehead Street 907, near the lighthouse, a short distance from the south coast of the island.

Declared National Historic Monument of the United States, this site was where the writer gave life to several of his most sublime works between 1931 and 1939.

Currently, the inhabitants of this house are cats, which exceed an amount of 50, which have the peculiarity of having six fingers on their legs.

One of them was the Hemingway mascot which eventually reproduced and left these numerous offspring with this peculiar feature in its legs.

Mallory Square and sunset:

Everyone who has gone to Key West recommends visiting the Mallory Square dock to not miss the moment when sunset comes.

There, an event known as the Key West Sunset Celebration takes place every day.

As the sun hides its silhouette on the horizon you can see how the sky acquires pink and red tones.

Witnessing the majesty of nature entering into action in front of your eyes will give you the perfect time to get it with your camera.

Make sure you arrive in advance to the square, about two hours before, so you can see the beginning of the celebration.

Around Mallory Square, you will find good restaurants, as well as places to buy beautiful souvenirs such as shells and sea sponges, as well as pieces of local art and jewelry.

If you wish there are also places to stay at affordable prices. Apart from being able to appreciate this beautiful natural event you can have the opportunity to listen to live music and see performances by the best artists and jugglers.

Along with them the presence of street vendors that since the 60s are part of the festive atmosphere of the place.

Enjoy its beaches:

If you want to take advantage of the weather to get a beautiful tanned skin you can do it in some of the 3 beaches available in Key West:

Higgs Beach, although small, offers the perfect environment to sit on its banks and relax with the sound of its waves or practice some sporting activity.

Smathers Beach located on South Roosevelt Boulevard and considered one of the most attractive of the Miami Keys.

Immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters or relax in the shade of its palm trees to keep you protected from the sun’s rays and avoid overexposure.

This beach has a range of outdoor activities that you can do to stay active like the Jetski or the catamarans rental.

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