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Exploring some of the rarest designs and patterns for an arabian necklace

When it comes Arabian necklaces or charms, pendants, jewelry and souvenirs with the Arabian insignias, you can find the collection and options quite overwhelming. It’s a cocktail of cultures, history, art, architecture and even folklores. Jewelry has been there since the inception of time. Humans discovered rare metals like gold, silver, and bronze, which became the foundation for wealth, status and luxury. As empires and cultures come and go with time, so do their influences and impact on art and architecture. Jewelry is a direct offshoot of this pattern and Arabian jewelry features the story of the region. It’s as complicated and interesting as the history of the place.

Knowing history

Traditionally, jewelry usage has had certain guidelines in the Arab world. Women have been the primary weavers in this regard. The only time men can actually buy jewelry is when they gift it to their wives. However, the traditions and influences have changed over time. In the current era, Arab jewelry makes an impressionable statement on the genre. The different pendants and designs make an impact in different trends. It could be cultural statements or just fashionable statements.

The historical references

The surrounding areas in the region and its diverse cultures were the main inspiration behind regular and quirky jewelry ideas. These were symbols of animals, religions, or references to the landscape and scenery of the region. The evil and hamsa symbol is one such prominent example. They feature it on jewelry as a protective shield. It’s belief that works this way. You can find all these designs if you visit the site. Since Hamsa stands for preventing negative and harm from the evil forces, wearing the symbol on a bracelet or necklace shows the mindset of not allowing evil or negative vibes or forces in your life.

The current day scenario

Modern Arabic jewelry has become extensive and more open to adaptations. It’s simplistic in edifice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the huge chunks of necklace or bracelet beading. Jewelry designers take bits and icons from the Arab world for making their own representation. The influences continue to remain the same. The only difference comes in the jewelry structure. It has become more basic than what it was during the civilization. They are paying more attention to minute details to bolster handcrafted jewelry. The premier ones are using Arabic calligraphy and patterns, and incorporating them into the pieces. You can find all the designs when you visit the site. 

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