• 26th May 2024

Pick a Health Insurance Cover as a Gift for your Parents

With each passing year, we grow old and get busy with different aspects of our lives, forgetting the fact that our parents are growing older. We are so caught up in our daily routine that we rarely spare a thought to them and ask them what they need. It is our duty, as children, to look after our parents, especially when they are battling an illness or disease. However, since everyone is on the lookout for better job opportunities, they are often far away from home and not always physically present to look after their parents. Finances or the lack of it should be the last thing that should come in the way of getting the best medical treatment for your parents.  To do so, it is wise to invest in a health insurance plan for senior citizens that are specially crafted to look after them during difficult times of unexpected medical expenses. 

Leading health insurance companies, for example, Care Health Insurance, are offering good health cover options online for senior citizens, so it becomes easy to get a health cover for your parents.

Before you invest in a plan, it is important to understand why it holds so much importance after a certain age. The best health insurance in India for senior citizens will ideally serve the following purposes: 

  • Opting for a senior citizen health insurance scheme will act as a savior by providing financial security when a lifestyle disease turns into a medical emergency. 
  • It will provide additional add-ons in case your current health insurance plan is not giving you enough coverage and protection. After a certain age, life becomes unpredictable, and the number of stressful situations should be limited. 
  • It will help you beat inflation because of which medical costs are increasing every day. Also, it assures that your parents get the required medical attention without making a dent in your savings irrespective of everything. 
  • It helps you save more money because the sooner you buy a health insurance plan, the lower the amount of premium without compromising on the amount of benefit. It ensures maximum comfort and protection in life. 
  • It comes with benefits that go beyond just an illness or a disease. It also looks after other things like fitness regime, the right diet, nutrition, tips related to health, and others. 
  • It provides tax relief apart from the tax benefits under section 80(D), which is already applicable to the insurance plan and helps you further with your savings. 

Pick the Right Plan for Parents

After you have understood why you need to invest in a Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme, it is time to understand the factors that will help you to decide on the right plan for your parents. 

  • The plan should be flexible and not just cover the insured till a certain age. Most plans do not provide coverage after eighty years of age, but one that allows flexibility in this should be selected. 
  • With age, the chances of a critical illness increase, and so does the medical bill along with it. Keeping this in mind, a plan that provides higher health cover protection should be chosen. The higher the health cover, the more will be the number of benefits that can be availed. 
  • Health insurance plans come with a specified waiting period against pre-existing diseases. The amount of coverage against this differs as well. It is something that should be checked beforehand with the insurance company so that the existing disease does not end up draining all your savings.
  • The network of hospitals where cashless treatment can be availed should be of quality. It should comprise at least a few hospitals that you would be comfortable going to for medical treatment. 


Go for a plan that offers high coverage for your elderly parents so that you do not have to rely on your funds when there is a medical emergency. A cashless health insurance plan will keep you close to medical care when the need arises. 


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