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Greatest Benefits of Wrought Iron Doors

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Wrought iron doors can be a beautiful addition to your home as they deliver the look of luxury to the front of your residence. Considered to be timeliness, multi-faceted, and heavy-duty, these doors provide functionality and security wherever they are placed. With the addition of a sidelight or accented by an outdoor light, a wrong iron door can shape any doorstep and create an unforgettable entryway. In addition to their beauty, wrought iron entry doors offer a variety of other important benefits including:


Of course, these doors look fantastic and there is countless design from which to choose. Therefore, you can install a door that is specific to your current home décor or a door that is versatile enough to go with any type of design, now and in the future.

Amazing Investment

In addition to being beautiful, wrought iron doors are a fantastic investment. Due to their durability, they will last forever with a little monthly maintenance to prevent rust. The only reason you would ever need to swap out a wrought iron entry door is for a design change of your home.


With so many designs, these doors can be used in other areas of the home. One unique way to use this door type is as an entrance to a wine cellar which keeps the temperature consistent, due to their insulation properties. Also, their antique appearance complements wine cellar décor. Also, these doors are available in single and double versions. Single doors were meant for back and side entrances while double doors were developed for the front of the house.


The durability of wrought iron doors is unmatched against other types. Wood and vinyl doors can be penetrated but since wrought iron entry doors are constructed from a virtually indestructible material, they cannot be penetrated. Additionally, iron is resistant to high temperatures so they cannot be permeated by fire. For those searching for the optimal security, the 12-gauge door is your best bet (the higher the gauge, the thinner the door).

Thermal Insulation

One important functional aspect of this type of door is thermal protection, which is essential for those living in colder areas. A high level of heat transfer will not keep the house warm during winter, so it is critical to have an entry door that retains heat. With 18-20% of heat loss occurring through doors, it is the most critical area to have thermal protection. Insulated doors contain high-density foam that keeps the warm air in and the cold air outside. This also helps you save money on your monthly heating bill.

Wrought iron doors are beautiful, functional, diverse, and can even save you money in the long run. With so many options available on the market, it is best to find the design that matches your idea about your home decoration so start looking today to find the door of your dreams!

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