• 13th July 2024

How Coming Soon WordPress Page Can Make a Difference?


People get excited when they see a movie preview or trailer before the release. The publicity increases the curiosity amongst movie fans, and they eagerly wait for its release. In the same way, you need to create publicity for your business website too.

In this digital era, website owners can also gain a lot by creating such hypes and curiosity. Social media promotions cannot be ignored. Even the coming soon pages have become great tool for creating interest in the minds of prospective customers. If you have still not heard how the coming soon page can make a difference, then below mentioned details will help you realize its significance.

Provide important information:

Even though you spend a lot of dollars on social media promotion, there is a limit on the information that can be displayed. On the other hand, you can create coming soon WordPress page and reveal your product’s video and images. It will help to engage more people, as they start learning more about your brand.

Mention the launch date

Interested visitors may visit your website, even before it is active, so make sure you add a countdown widget to the coming soon page. It is wise to let your audience know about your launching plans, rather than keeping them waiting indefinitely.

Include an email subscription form

Visitors visit your site for a reason. Therefore it is crucial to keep them connected, and the best technique is to include an email subscription form on the coming soon page. Now, whenever a visitor lands on your coming soon webpage, he/she can just enter their email and subscribe for your newsletters. You can send updates, and use the list for many other upcoming events. It helps to build a meaningful relationship!

Promote social media links

Social media integration is a must in this digital era, as they provide platform to acquire a massive fan base. You can reach a worldwide audience and discuss your business. You will need to focus on getting social media fan followers, even before your website gets launched.

For this, you will need to embed social media icons on your coming soon WP page. Visitors can click on those links, which increases the possibilities of collecting likes, comments, and tweets.

Introduce yourself

Coming soon webpage will help you connect with your visitors on a personal level through an introduction. Visitors get to know your business, and thus a feeling of trust gets rooted in their minds.

Create brand awareness

Brand creation is challenging, and it takes a long time to build. You can start by including your brand logo on the coming soon page. People will start to recognize your brand, which will help your business stand apart from the competitors.

Deals and offers

Plan a special sale on the website’s launch date to enjoy instant sales. A notice can be included on the coming soon page to promote this special sale day. Every visitor landing on your coming soon page reads about the upcoming sale, and will possibly revisit on the sale day. For email signups offer coupon codes. In this way, you can use the coming soon page to promote sales.

Be creative designing coming soon page, ensure people take action! On the other hand, if you want to make changes on your website which already has good rankings, it is better to use the temporary redirect option by using a reliable redirect WordPress plugin.


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