• 25th April 2024

How to Choose Quality Winter Tires Online

Driving during winter in Lithuania can be a big headache, especially if you do not have the right tires. Every motorist appreciates the need to have the relevant winter tires installed in their cars during the season. That is why you are likely to notice an increase in the number of people in Lithuania visiting the top sellers of the padangos that suit their needs perfectly before the season begins. Like many responsible drivers, you are possibly asking which winter tires best suits you. Here is how you can choose one that gives you confident traction and control during winter.

Tire Size

Before you order for any winter tire, be sure you know the size that you need. The store may find it quite difficult to serve you if you do not have this essential information about your “padagos.” The best way to answer the question is to find out the size of your summer tires.  

Pick the code on the tires’ sidewall. The first three numbers correspond to the tread’s width. The next two represent the ration between the section width and the sidewall height (as a percentage). The final figure indicates the tire’s interior diameter.

With this information, you can answer all the questions of the store regarding the size of your tires. 

One more thing that you should note is that the size of your ziemines padangos and summer tires should be the same.

Inspect the Tires

The truth is that not all tires are made equal. When you go to your online store, be sure you take your time to look at your chosen tires and visually compare their quality. The areas that you need to pay special attention to are the lateral stiffness, grooves, and flexibility.

Choose large grooves, as they offer excellent traction on wet surfaces. Besides, these groves can help to displace ice and slush.

Siped Tires

Siped tires also offer excellent service during winter. The good news is that most of the tires your find out there are already siped. If you check the lugs and notice small patterned slits that guarantee the best road grip, the tire has been appropriately enhanced. 

Ice Tires or Snow Tires

If you are asking the best option for you, the answer is that ice tires have superior quality. They offer better traction on both ice and snow. We recommend ice tires for the people who mostly drive on dry surfaces and highways. 

Tire Ratings

Once you have narrowed down your choice, you need to consider the views of other users. You can conduct a simple online search to find credible online review sites. Use the information to decide whether you are happy with your choice.


Some marketers may want you to believe that their tires work equally well in all seasons. That is hardly true except in places where seasons don’t vary much. For you to get confident traction and control on ice and snow, you need suitable winter tires.


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