• 19th July 2024

How To Properly Maintain An AC Unit

Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioner maintenance is central to a home’s health. If it is neglected, it can cause a lot of stress on the health of the home. It is important to get the AC unit repaired or serviced at the start of the two busiest seasons, Winter and Summer.

The first thing is to locate the Air conditioner unit. If it is a house, it is quite visible, but in a condominium or townhouse, it can be located on the roof. The second most important thing is to check the age of the unit. This will give him an understanding of what basic maintenance has been done over the years. Safety is above all things, thus he needs to locate both the outside switch and the breaker for the Air conditioner and them off.

Starting with the outside

The first and easiest step to home AC repair is to remove the debris that has collected on the outside of the AC unit. Use a rake to gather the leaves and grass, or a broom if needed. Then tackle the inside, using a screwdriver to open it up, remove any extra debris and wipe the fan with a cleaning solution from a home improvement store.

The fins of the unit will also need to be cleaned with a light pressure water hose or wet cloth. Wear and tear might be a reason to use a fin comb to straighten them for proper ventilation.

Once the outside of the unit is taken care of, it is time to move to the second part of the home AC repairs unit located inside the home.

The Inside of the AC unit

Heating and cooling the home is a cycle of transferring the humid air outside, and then using the compressor to cool the inside. All air conditioners have the interior and the exterior. The interior ( consists of the evaporator and blower; it cools the humid air in the home. The exterior ( consists of the condenser and compressor that transfers the air to the outside of the home). It can either be located in the walls or in the den. One of the common AC repairs is the refrigerant, the technician will use a gauge to detect any leakage, this problem will need to be repaired immediately, because if too much air is escaping, the home will not feel cool, or will take too long to get cool. He can then clean the coils with a home improvement cleaning solution. It is important that the coils are given a thorough cleaning, since they are responsible for the flow of air. Once the coils are cleaned, he needs to check the pan that collects the water, empty it out so it does not overflow and cause an immature leak. This is also a time to check the drain for any clogging, if the drains are clogged it can cause a strain on the passage of air. It is advisable to employ the help of a professional, who will use a vacuum to do the job.

Changing out the vents inside the home, is the easiest thing to do, for optimum level performance. This should be done every three months, or at least twice a year. Make sure to get the proper size, and the most durable brand.

Another simple home AC repair is updating the thermostat to an energy efficient brand. Most improvement stores carry them, and there is also a manufacturer suggested one. This is also the least expensive, when it comes to AC maintenance.


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