• 25th June 2024

How to Use Joystick for Pokemon Go Android No Root

Applications cannot have direct access to a phone’s GPS chip. Instead, the phone’s operating system monitors the location provided by GPSjoystick and other sources, then simply passes this information on to the applications that request it. This is where spoofing comes in. You can use another application to change the system location data, which will then be reported to the tracking application as if it was your genuine physical location.

This will work independently of the tracking app, even if it is Google’s location sharing feature on Google Maps. In fact, the only way this won’t work is if your phone is being tracked at the carrier level – that is, if your parents signed up for a service that tracks your phone through your carrier.

We are not advocating hiding from your parents; we are simply highlighting a little-known Android feature. If you decide to spoof your location, be careful – if you’re in trouble and no one knows where you are, things can get dangerous.

If we want to change location in Pokémon GO with your Android smartphone, you will have to download a couple of totally legal applications; In addition, it will not be necessary to have root access to your terminal, simply install these applications from Google Play and make use of them as we will detail below:

  • Access Google Play and download unlimited fake GPS iOS location and VPN proxy.
  • Once installed, we must enable the developer options.
  • To do this, go to Settings – Development options – Mock locations – Activate.
  • Now go to Settings – Location and check that the GPS is in Device Only mode.
  • Activate location history.

Now we access the free and unlimited Proxy VPN app and choose the destination country to “trick” our internet connection into believing that we are in that location, thus coinciding with our false GPS position, which we will activate through the other. app, fake GPS location. Thus, we will only need to go practically anywhere in the country previously selected through the Set Location icon of the application itself.

How to change location to play Pokémon GO

Once all this is done, we must go back to Settings and disable the developer options; Now we will have the GPS system configured as if we were in that location. Finally, we just have to start the Pokémon GO game to start playing in that place virtually. If we want to change our false position again, we must repeat the process again from the beginning. And remember, it is only up to you to perform all these actions to visit other distant places with Pokémon GO and under your responsibility for the possible actions of Niantic.

Change location with Fake Gps Joystick

Another possibility to play Pokémon GO by changing your location from home is through the Fake Gps Joystick application, a free application available on Google Play that will allow us to “trick” the system into believing that we are really in a certain place. And again, it is not necessary to root our Android mobile; Of course, as in the previous case, we must act on our own responsibility, since Niantic puts a large part of its part against users who cheat.

When we have the application installed, we must enable the developer options of our Android terminal through the option located at the bottom of Settings. In case they are not enabled, go to Settings – About phone and press 7 times on the build number of the mobile.

How to change the GPS location of Pokémon GO on Android

Once we have the developer options enabled, we must go to Locations – Simulated location and choose the Fake Gps Joystick (FlyGPS) option. Now go to Settings – Location and in GPS mode set to high precision. Finally, and through the Fake GpsJoystick app, press the place you want to go.

When in the selected location, a green icon; Press start. Now you can go to Pokémon GO and you will appear in that location. A more than interesting solution to capture those Regional Pokémon that only appear in certain parts of the world; or even visit Special PokéStops.

How to recover your account if you have been banned from Pokémon GO

If you used a trick to trick the application about your geolocation and they banned you from the game, it is sometimes possible to get your account back; Follow the steps below to try and get your Pokémon GO O account back, if it lets you in the game, but you can’t visit PokéStops, catch Pokémon, or fight in gyms:

  • Go to a PokéStop
  • Slide the PokéStop down
  • You won’t get anything since your account has been banned
  • Close the PokéStop
  • Repeat the process about 40 times.
  • When you start receiving items, your account will be rested

If it doesn’t work, you have to wait a few hours to see if Niantic has broken your account. If you feel that your ban is unfair, you can always contact Niantic to explain your situation and try to resolve your situation.

  • As mentioned above, download the required apps.
  • From “Settings”, go to “About phone” and then tap 7 times on “Build number to enter developer mode”.
  • From the location settings, set the GPS to “High Accuracy” for effective fake GPS operation.
  • high accuracy
  • Start the routes and then enable your device’s GPS.
  • Move the pointer to the desired location to generate or select any location.
  • launch routes
  • From Fake GPS settings, enable No Root mode.
  • Also enable the Joystick option.
  • no root mode
  • Move the red dot to the desired location and press “Play” and the fake GPS will be enabled. Please check Google maps if the location is correct.
  • show joystick
  • Open the Pokemon Go app and you will find yourself at the location specified in Fake GPS.
  • Play a game
  • This is an easy trick to fool the Pokemon Go app and catch various Pokemon as you wish.

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