• 12th July 2024

Importance of STEM Learning For Kids

The term STEM Education has been initiated by the National Science Foundation. It is an educational approach that focuses on more than one of the four disciplines i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Technical and Scientific skills are increasingly important in the current workforce scenario. So, it is crucial for kids to get exposed to STEM learning at a very young age. According to recent data, currently, 26% of STEM jobs are dominated by women. In the area of STEM, both boys and girls should get exposed and be encouraged to get involved in STEM learning. STEM Learning regularly features on curriculum, work strategy, skills sets and employment.

In the process of kids learning, STEM learning provides benefits that they use every day. STEM learning helps kids to learn how to apply their knowledge to solve the problems that occur in their everyday lives. For example: Building a perfect Lego Castle, fixing a broken toy, etc. Kids also learn about their surrounding environment like pets at home, to the plants in their backyard. A kid with an open mind thinks out of the box and collaborates to work toward a solution.

Why Kids Should Learn STEM Education?

  • Kids are encouraged to do experiments and get them to learn from their own mistakes. It will help them to correct their mistakes rather than depending on the textbooks.
  • The keystones of STEM Learning are critical thinking, inquiry, logical analysis and project-based learning. It boosts the curiosity among the kids making the learning process more fun, everlasting and relevant.
  • It is different from the traditional education method, which is much more interesting and fun-loving in comparison to the traditional method.
  • The main drawback of the traditional method of learning is that students are unable to implement the concepts mastered to real problems. It lowers kids productivity which affects their implementation. At the early age of the kids, if the learning gap is not addressed then things will get difficult when the level of subjects rises over time. These are all the flaws of the traditional teaching method. But, when it is about STEM education there is no disengage in the understanding of the concept that helps students to work on the applications.
  • In the initial years, the subject of Maths is introduced to kids with learning numbers. At an early age, kids don’t understand the importance of learning numbers. They can understand the value of knowing numbers and quantification if they are asked questions based on how much more and less. It is imperative for kids to learn how these concepts are related to the real world and how knowing them will help children in their daily activities.

To encourage kids’ interest in learning, STEM activities for Kids would be quite helpful. For e.g.: Playing board games, mixing patterns and figures from the surrounding will develop an interest among kids to learn the subject of Mathematics. This is the way how STEM learning works. In India, STEM Learning is in the initial process where the education departments and private organizations are encouraging it. Many schools have already implemented STEM at the primary level and are targeting to implement it at pre-primary levels too. 

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