• 20th July 2024

Importing commercial goods: Things worth knowing!

Starting an import/export business may be more complicated than many entrepreneurs imagine, and this is not to scare investors or anyone. Importing into the US is a lucrative and rewarding business model, and the competition is rather stiff, although small competitors have enough room to make money. Getting started is what needs attention, and working with services like Clearit USA Amazon customs brokerage can help. Customs brokers are licensed by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and their primary job is to work with importers and exporters, helping them with the entire process and simplifying customs regulations, trade agreements and international trade terms & conditions for their clients. 

Getting started

You will need a long list of documents that must be submitted for clearing customs, and this includes the commercial invoice, documents from applicable government departments, and other things like the notice of arrival. For certain categories of import, it is necessary to have specific permits, or documents, so that may mean more paperwork. To import goods into the US, you have to pay the fees, tariffs and duties. This is where many importers go wrong, because they often don’t label or mark goods efficiency, or end up paying more dues to the CBP. The whole process is to ensure that CBP has all they need to clear your shipment. 

Need for customs brokers

It is important to mention here that hiring customs brokers for importing is completely a choice. You don’t need a broker to import. However, most commercial importers and big businesses prefer to work with customs brokers, because they don’t want to deal with the complications of managing the processes, paperwork, and documentation. Also, customs brokers can pay all the fees and duties on their behalf, take care of all kinds of land, air, and ocean shipments, and if needed, the customs broker will also communicate with the CBP on behalf of the client. Just because international trade comes with conditions and importing in the US is subject to numerous stringent regulations, it doesn’t mean you have to feel overwhelmed. Just get in touch with a customs broker, and they can help you with the entire initial homework. 

Many customs brokers also work with clients as consultants, offering them help and advice on expansions and trading with specific countries. Find a broker that you can trust, and check how they can help your business model in an appropriate manner. 

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