• 19th July 2024

Refresh Your Living Room With Options Like Lounger Sofa Set Online

Everybody likes a bit of change in their lives. Whether it’s a short vacation for a change of scenery or a new cuisine to taste. When it comes to the interiors of your home, it is natural to feel your existing furniture, décor and settings need a fresh look. More so with the global pandemic and movement restrictions, seeing the same arrangement at home can dampen your mood and spirits. Now before you rush to splurge on extensive renovations, why not look at some of our budget-friendly furniture ideas that can instantly spruce up your most seated area, the living room? Read on to know more:

How to Refresh your living Room within a Budget


  • Pick a Workable Theme

Your interiors speak volumes about you through its design. The colours, textures, accessories and functionality of furniture, all tell a tale about your style quotient while giving a peek into your daily life as well. That is why it is important to give focus to both these elements when planning a new look like how functional do you need the space to be and what will the theme look like. Opt for low maintenance furniture like wooden coffee tables, bookshelves or tv units that are not only durable but also easily fit into any theme you choose. 


  • Accessorise

Want an instant facelift to your living room? Start by accessorizing your space with colours that contrast your furniture’s colour palette. Why not recycle pre-loved clothes into beautiful cushion covers that add colour to your sofa set? Love jewellery set from a past trend? Fit this pre-loved set into a plain photo frame. Prop this on the walls or on a side table and you have a unique accessory that will start endless conversations with your visitors. Additionally, shift existing accessories from other rooms into the living room to get a change in view. Avail a fresh look using what is at home, under a new light and in a new location!


  • Light up

We all want to hide the stains and wear and tear of furniture. Get playful with lights to highlight cosy corners and create an ambience. Lamps come in a reasonable budget and can be repurposed in a different theme at a later stage too. In addition, it also saves you electricity by switching on just a few lamps! Want to go for a hotel feel? Don’t forget to choose warm, welcoming, yellow lights in the ceiling as opposed to bright white lights. For a magical and dramatic effect, you also have the option of hanging fairy lights from curtains or framing an existing painting with them. Not only does it give a subtle and magical feel but is extremely pocket-friendly. 

  • Multipurpose furniture

Smart investments in smart solutions are the new way to go. There’s nothing more budget-friendly than investing in furniture that can be multi-purposed. Brands like Wakefit have economical bookshelves that have stunning designs like the Wakefit Burns Bookshelf. Not only can it be used to display an array of your favourite books but doubles as a display shelf of artefacts and accolades. Upgrade your storage with an organizer in compartments to stow away charges, wires and other knick-knacks. Lounger sofa set online also come with storage options underneath. Lift the seat up and tuck away extra cushions that you don’t need daily. 

Coffee tables in the centre add a style statement while marrying in with the rest of the furniture. Pick one with closed storage options underneath that can tuck away your candles, magazines, snacks, blankets, everything you need when curling up in front of the TV with a beloved one. With an increase in work from home situations, it is also worth looking at multipurpose tables that can be propped up or folded back in after use. The lighter the better as it is easy to move around too. 


  • Mirrors

The magic of a mirror is indescribable. It instantly lightens up a room by reflecting natural light across. A well-positioned mirror can make a room look spacious or even deflect attention away from awkward corners (think of small gaps where furniture can’t fit in). Mirrors in different shapes can be organized in a design to become new decorative wall art in itself while instantly boosting the energy of the room. These are inexpensive and are available in almost all furniture and DIY stores.  


  • Click and buy

Want to spend less but buy more? Invest in living room furniture sets online as opposed to buying from physical stores. Buying online has many perks like:

  1. Compare prices and furniture pieces from different stores at the comfort of home
  2. Save on shipping and delivery charges with a free delivery option on purchasing a set amount
  3. Avail on exclusive online discounts offered through online platforms only
  4. Escape exposure to large crowds or long lines to make payment
  5. Get options to pay in investments when using credit or debit cards, especially if the store has tie-ups with banks.

There are many websites that offer second-hand items too that are in immaculate condition and ready to be purchased. Browse these for rugs, paintings, planters, etc that are pocket-friendly to buy and creates a ‘wow’ effect in the living room with its presence. 


  • Add Greenery

Don’t worry if you don’t have green fingers and are scared to attempt a bit of gardening. The latest trend in interior designing includes the use of wall gardens and succulent plants that grow without much care needed. Add plants to your current living room as an inexpensive way to add colour and personality to an otherwise dull room. 

Creating a quick refreshed look for your living room doesn’t have to be an expensive affair.  Instead, reflect on the vibe you truly want to reflect. There are plenty of options available today, whether it is for DIY inspiration or budget-friendly alternatives to expensive furniture sets. The world is just a click away when buying from brands like Wakefit that offer economical options to smart furniture solutions. 

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