• 20th July 2024

Smart Reviews As Per Your Deals Now

The impact on the company’s reputation is particularly important when it comes to false negative reviews. You can recognize them by reading the words they contain, often exaggerated. However, you have the option of denouncing them and requesting their removal from the site. If this has not been carried out correctly, you can file a complaint against the author for denigration.

In this regard, it is important to carry out a permanent watch in order to be able to act immediately in the face of offensive remarks from certain malicious people. The help of a content moderator or a community manager will even be useful. It can then monitor the content posted and manage the reputation of your business. You need to be specific on these reviews as they show the true options for the products or services.

Several reliability criteria taken into account

However, not all Reviews posted on the Internet will be viewed in the same way. To ensure their credibility, Internet users take their publication date into account.

Also, recent reviews often carry more weight, especially for services that may change over time. For example, for a hotel, the rooms can deteriorate over time, the team can change, and new infrastructures can be added to the existing ones. This is why customers pay more attention to the date of the notice.

  • The number of notices published for the company concerned is also taken into account. The more opinions there are, the more the customer feels confident. Indeed, this is proof that several consumers have bought or tested the product before posting their opinions.
  • Finally, content matters as much. Consumers trust a written review more than a simple rating. Moreover, this gives him a more precise idea of ​​the quality of the service. However, they are not going to take just any advice. The majority of consumers trust reviews posted on high profile platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google or Amazon. These three sites are the most visited.

Responding to customer reviews: the challenges

The study carried out also looked at the expectations of customers who have already submitted a review. It reveals that 55% of buyers who left a review online never had a response, and 48% of them would have liked to have one.

Responding to a customer review is a sign of consideration for it. This shows that you care about his experience. In this case, the answer also helps improve your reputation.

You have to respond to both positive and negative reviews. In either case, the response must include a thank you. You can then press with your positive points. When it comes to negative comments, don’t forget to apologize.

Ideally, customer reviews should be processed within 48 hours. Today there are platforms that allow you to collect and process them. But if you are short on time, you can also entrust the management of your e-reputation to agencies. This guarantees you good responsiveness and management of your image by professionals!


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