• 16th June 2024

To Keep or Dispose, That Is the Question

Every day, technology advances. This is evident in every innovation produced by top smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. This year, CNET declared Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max as the best smartphone. Its sleek design, together with a powerful processor and professional-standard camera, are only some reasons why it is tempting to switch to new phones. 

However, some find it hard to replace their old phones.

For Keeps

For most people, especially those from the younger generation, a phone is a constant companion. You eat with it, sleep with it, and wake up with it. There’s no surprise if, somehow, you associate a degree of sentiment with your favorite gadget, making it hard to replace. 

However, there are many more reasons other than sentiment that should convince you to keep your old phone. 

  1. It’s beneficial to the environment. 

According to BBC, keeping your phone longer lessens harmful environmental impact. The report states that emissions are created when making a new phone; these emissions ultimately harm the environment. When an owner, therefore, keeps a phone for more years, less emission is produced. 

The article also recommends second-hand devices that are more eco-friendly. Sharing gadgets between family members can positively impact the environment, too. 

However, we all know that even though you stop buying products, manufacturers will keep on producing them. This is where your additional responsibility as a consumer lies– to actively call on these manufacturers to also be responsible and transparent in the way they create products. 

  1. It saves you money. 

A 256GB iPhone 12 Pro Max will cost you around 1200 USD. Imagine the things you can do with that money. You can spend that on about a hundred meals, a couple of visits to the hotel, or even Disneyland. 

Withholding the urge to buy a new phone will let you save some money you can use for emergencies. If your phone is still working and has the functions you need, wait for a few more months or a year before buying a new phone. 

If your phone display is broken, you can always ask an expert to fix your screen. Doing so is still more cost-effective than buying a new phone, especially when you don’t have the budget yet. It will also give you more time to save for the phone model you really want to have. 

  1. It’s a cool story piece. 

Your old phone can be a great conversation starter. Imagine still having a working Nokia 3210. It brings you back to the early 2000s; most millennials are probably just in high school and just starting to develop crushes. Having an old phone can trigger memories, mostly good ones, hopefully. 

When to Replace Your Phone

Obviously, it is time to dispose of your old phone when it’s already broken and is no longer salvageable. Here are other reasons why you need to buy that new phone:

  1. Software issues

No matter how much you want to hold on to your old phone, sometimes, you need to give it up because you have to keep up with the times. Most smartphones nowadays have different software than older models. Some think that they can easily upgrade their software, but it simply isn’t possible for some older phones. 

Three-year-old phones might be non-upgradeable soon; rather than repairing a broken phone of this age, it is better to buy a new one. This will turn out to be more economical than trying to fix a phone that may become obsolete soon. 

  1. You can only repair a phone a few times. 

Once is enough; twice is too much. Repairing it for the third time may mean something– it is time to change your phone. Constantly opening your phone for repairs only increases the damage; it’s either you or the phone will give up. 

While it is still functioning, you can sell your old phone for a few bucks. Doing so will offset the cost of the new phone you need to buy. 

  1. It’s cool, too. 

Just as having an old phone can be a great conversation starter, getting that latest gadget can make you a star for a few days. Gadget and tech lovers appreciate a good gadget with the latest innovations; it’s a conversation piece, too. 

Also, you get to enjoy the technological advancements that come along with these gadgets. Imagine having a phone with a camera that has a photo quality like a DSLR minus the bulk. New phones are also built with more water resistance– no more saying goodbye to your phone when you accidentally drop it on water. 

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Each one of us has preferences. Some like the old, while some always choose to be updated with the latest trends. Old or new, what really matters is a device’s ability to function and serve its purpose: to make its owner’s life easier. 

Meta title: Should You Replace or Repair Your Gadget?
meta desc: There are reasons why you need to keep your old phone, but sometimes, disposing it of is necessary. In this article, we help you make a decision.

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