• 25th April 2024

Top tips on how to find the best BBQ caterer for your upcoming event


Planning an event can take a lot of time and effort to bring all the different aspects together, but if the time is taken right at the beginning of the process, the end result can be something really memorable. 

Once you have an idea of where you would like the event to be held, the next step is to consider the catering. A BBQ caterer is an increasingly popular option because it is so flexible and versatile. Speak to anyone you know about a BBQ and they’ll confirm that pretty much everyone loves the idea of getting together for a fired up feast.

Narrowing down the search results

While looking for bbq catering through your go to search engine, you will see an abundance of results advertising tempting Italian BBQ treats. Each result will tick some of your boxes but to makesure they truly match the event you have planned you need to dig a little deeper. 


Before saying yes to the first caterer you find, do they serve the area of your event? The last thing you need is to put a deposit down and then find out that the business you chose does not serve the area your event is to be held in. Avoid this nightmare by checking their range of travel first. 


Another aspect often overlooked, enquire in to the availability to ensure your required date can be accommodated. If there’s a chance you may change the date take a look to see what other dates are potentially available. 

On a side note, take a look at whether the business have any further bookings for the same day as yours. When you are hiring a business to cater your BBQ event, you want to make sure they give you all their attention instead of rushing your time to get to their next booking.


In addition to offering food at your BBQ event, many guests may also anticipate the provision of drinks too. More like an unwritten rule, many guests who attend a BBQ will expect a few drinks including alcohol. Not all caterers have a license to serve alcohol so this must be looked in to as one of the first priorities. Don’t pay out more than you have to.


Cost should always come in to play when planning an event and a BBQ should be no different. After creating a list of ideas and requirements for the event you are planning, use the compiled list to find out which catering companies can offer you the best value for money. 

Don’t always opt for the cheapest option available. Though there may not be anything wrong with services with cheap prices, there may also be reasons as to why they have cheaper pricing than other businesses. 

Get some quotes from different catering companies and compare what they include as part of their package before making  a final confirmed decision. 

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